Lazy Saturday Octopus Adventure

The octopus is one of my absolute favourite sea creatures, so when I found one in a book of fleece stuffed animal patterns that my Nana bought for me, I just had to make it! The pattern was really simple, and I was able to get most of it done on a lazy Saturday at school. I chose a peach coloured polar fleece for the underside, and a medium purple polar fleece for the top. In stead of sewing on buttons for eyes, I glued on some googly eyes.

Lumpy the Octopus

The pattern said to use buttons for the suckers on the tentacles, but I didn’t have that many little buttons lying around, so the tentacles are plain.

Plain Tentacles

Plain Tentacles

When I got “her” finished, I realized that, as a self-respecting female stuffed animal, she had to have eyelashes. Using some dark purple thread, I hand stitched some eyelashes onto her eyelids. I  considered using plastic eyelashes, but I wanted her to stay snuggly-soft.

Eye and Eyelashes


I named her Lumpy because I realized after she was finished that I should have stuffed her with smaller bits of polyester fiberfill. Also, her head isn’t quite as round as it looked in the picture in the book, but I’m sure it’s nothing a little tweaking can’t fix next time.

I tend to carry my sewing projects around with me, so she ended up being taken to a few club meetings. Despite her flaws, she became a vital part of club meetings. The guys all love to pass her around and play with her–or wear her like a hat. I even sent her in my place one meeting night when I was sick. Unfortunately, she also lost an eye that night. For a while I had the detached eye with intentions to glue it back on, but now the eye has been lost. I’m torn between glueing on a new eye or just giving her an eyepatch so she can look all cool like Nick Fury or a fearsome pirate…

I can do a trick!

I can do a trick!

So, question time:
What’s the best way to stuff a plush?
Any suggestions on the best way to tweak the pattern so the head turns out a little more round and less oblong?
New eye or eye patch?

Thanks in advance for your responses!
❤ Faerie


Twitter and New Content

I Won’t Say I Told You Sew is now on Twitter! You can follow @WontSayToldUSew (The full name was too long. :/)  for blog updates and various sewing tweets. Maybe one day I’ll branch out to Facebook, too!

In addition to making my Twitter debut, I have a few projects that will soon be appearing on this blog. I’m working on posts about my first quilt and the stuffed octopus I made one lazy Saturday. I also have a pony plushie in the works, and I’m super excited to see how that turns out. Hee hee! Turns out. Get it? Cuz it’s inside out now and I’ll have to turn it before I stuff it! Yeah, it was funnier in my head… X_X

Anyway, be on the lookout for new posts, tweets, and terrible puns on here and on Twitter! Well, maybe you’ll want to just ignore the puns… >.>

❤ Faerie

Shoe Rescue

About a month ago I noticed my cousin’s black Toms in the trash can at home. I was a little shocked at first. I mean, I’m a broke college kid, and those are, what, $50 shoes!? And you threw them away!? I picked them out of the trash to give them a good look. A little hole in one toe and some wear on the other, but not quite a hole yet. My cousin and I wear about the same size shoes, and I can sew. I could fix this…

When I saw my cousin later that day, I asked about the shoes and said I could patch them for her. She said they had holes and they smelled “like, really bad”, but I could have them if I so desired. I took them to my room like a giddy schoolgirl. Who doesn’t love free shoes!?

Within a couple days I had them patched with a scrap of pink sweatshirt knit fabric I had lying around. I cut 3 hearts in different sizes, put fray check on the edges, and whip stitched them over the holes and worn spots. I also put some little crescents on the backs right below the Toms logo.




Shoe Front


Shoe Back


To get rid of the smell (they did stink a bit), I rubbed some liquid fabric softener into the inside of the soles and let them sit for a few days. Later I sprinkled a hefty dab of baking soda into them and stuffed them with loosely crumpled newspaper. They hardly smell anymore, and now they are one of my favourite pairs of shoes! It doesn’t hurt that they’re comfy, one-of-a-kind, and super cute! ^_^

Thanks for reading,
Faerie ❤

Ever repaired shoes? What do you think of my repair job? Know how to get rid of shoe odor? Let me know in the comments!

My Masquerade Mask Adventure

My Masquerade Mask Adventure

This is a masquerade mask I made this past April for a formal event hosted by my social club. I shaped the base with aluminum foil and covered it with a few strips of duct tape. I used hot glue to add the 2 trims I got from Hancock Fabrics, the butterflies, and a big decorative button from Walmart. The butterflies were originally white with some clear glitter detailing, but I added all the blue glitter in the glitter-free areas of the wings and along their bodies. For a tie, I found a black lace shoelace I had lying around and taped the aglets (plastic part at the ends) to one side of the mask and a paper clip to the other end. It worked surprisingly well. My dress was a navy ball gown with silver accents, and the mask worked very well. I also mad my date’s mask. It was the same basic concept but with only blue trim.

Here we go!

After toying around with the idea for a while, I have decided to start a blog. I will mostly blog about my sewing “adventures” as I like to call them, but various craft projects and other stuff may show up from time to time. I would love to say “I hope to be the most successful sewing blogger EVAR!!!”, but let’s be realistic. I just want to have another creative outlet to share my art, adventures, successes, and failures with others in hopes that we can all learn and laugh together.

Now a little background about me, for those who don’t know. I’m a college student in a small town in Arkansas. I’m originally from Alabama. I am majoring in Computer science. I am a Christian. I love to learn, and I love to try new things. I am fascinated with grammar and languages. I am wonderfully weird. I am a generally cheerful people-person. I am currently working 2 part-time jobs, because summer.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Honestly, I don’t even know who I’m talking too. I might never share this blog. Ever. Then I’ll be like a crazy person, blogging to myself. Yeah, maybe I should share it. Maybe my mom won’t delete the link if I send it to her…

Faerie ❤